Friday, 15 August 2014

What Type of Tie Looks Great With your Dress Shirts?

Make your Tie Selection Easy
Are you little bit confuse about your tie selection? Or have no idea what kind of tie looks great with striped, patterned or simple plain dress shirts? Well, the first rule to selecting a tie is knowing your dress shirt. What type of dress shirts you are going to invest in? Is it solid or patterned style? Dark or light color? Once you’ve fully determined your classic shirt style, then you need to pick the right style of tie that looks great and makes a good impression. I’ve  a stock of TriMountain dress shirts in a number of different patterns and styles. And I’ve a clear vision what type of tie pair well with which style of dress shirt. This post will give you some simple guidelines that really help you out to make a sophisticated, clean, polished style.

With Plain Dress Shirt
When you are going to wear a solid colored dress shirt, you can pick out simply either a solid or patterned tie. If you want to style a solid colored tie, try to pick either analogous or complementary shades. The light colored shirt looks simply awesome with a complementary bold shade to stand out. Likewise, if you are wearing a dark colored shirt, you can throw on a tie in analogous or light colored complementary. If you simply wish to don a patterned tie with your simple plain shirt, the easiest way to look classy is to ensure one of the shades of your patterned tie exactly matched with the color of your shirt.

With Patterned Dress Shirt
A patterned dress shirt is a little bit harder to match. If you want to throw on a solid tie with patterned style shirt, then try to match the solid shade of your tie to one of the shades of your patterned shirt. The first rule that you have to follow is to ensure that your tie must be darker than your shirt. Another rule that you need to consider the proportions of the patterns on your dress shirt are different from those on your tie. Take a clear vision from this simple example, if your shirt has small patterns, then pick up a large patterned or thicker stripes tie.

Now you have it some simple suggestions, which are surely assist you to make a wise decision about your tie selection. Now I’m sure the tie selection will be an easy task for you. So, grab TriMountain dress shirt style whatever you want to wear without any confusion about your tie selection.

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