Monday, 8 September 2014

Get Some Creative Ideas to Look Clean Professional at Work


Dressing for workplace environment can be a tricky enough if you are a newbie to the corporate world. Whether you agree or not, being well dressed is often key to get success in your professional life. Getting dressed for work environment doesn’t mean leaving behind your personal image. Try to sort out which looks maintains your professional yet polished look and which fashion choices can be a career killer. The colors, styles and fits of your fashion choices will reflect your personal style. If you are conscious about your job, then you have to be more concerned with looking polished than looking trendy or fashionable. Wear sophisticated business pieces and style accessories that help you embrace your business casual styles.

 Want to grab something classy yet professional? Think some classic styles and must avoid some extreme fashion statements. The safest consideration is to style a button down shirt or blouse in smooth fabrics like cotton, silk and jersey. Pick up TriMountain button down shirts in muted or solid colors or some conservative prints and stripe styles. Try to use shades to accent your outfit, not to loud out your presence. Colors play a major role in building up your clean, professional personality. Try to use soft feminine colors that are appropriate enough like lilac, ivory, soft pink and ice blue. Be sure not to wear halter tops, tank tops or revealing shirts as they are simply not acceptable to dress up for a workplace environment.

If you need some considerations about accessories, then the biggest distinction between men’s and women’s formal wear is the absence of ties. Women usually have some other accessory choices such as scarves, necklace or brooches. Don’t try to over accessorize your business outfit. Try not to wear some jewelry pieces that are distracting or simply ruined your professional style. Wear some stud earrings and single bracelets to keep your look simple and sophisticated.

So, ladies climb your corporate ladder in style with these workwear pieces that surely won’t break the bank! If you need to shop your workwear pieces online, then Buy TriMountain is the right option for you. From short sleeve to long sleeve, simple to wrinkle resistant and plain to striped pattern shirts, you’ll have some versatile choices that you’ll love to wear at your workplace!

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